Envoke receives Australian grant

Envoke founders Merida Sussex and Peter Harris are excited to announce that Envoke was a recipient of the Reimagine Sector Recovery Grant from The Australia Council, the Australian Government’s principal arts investment, development and advisory body.

While the amount certainly won’t cover all development for a project of this scope, this grant marks a turning point, as the initial funds will enable us to engage with developers to start building a solid foundation for the future.

Our initial plan is to collaborate with Kendraio, an open-source nonprofit interoperability advocacy initiative. Their mission is to “empower individuals through the benefits that come from increased interoperability and a culture of data-sharing.”

We will also begin setting up a collaboration forum which will serve as the foundation for the development of a DAO – a decentralized accountable organization. DAOs are usually known as “autonomous” when taking a “code is law” approach that seeks to programmatically govern communities. Given the essential nature of music as art and culture, we believe that relying solely on smart contracts for governance would never succeed given the need for direct, legal accountability among all participants in the industry.

Check back soon for further announcements about on-going developments.

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