A quick look at our research findings

May 30, 2022

One of the main activities we’ve been engaged in since receiving our grant from the Australia Council is in-depth research to metadata processes for independent labels and publishers of all sizes, as well as managers and individual artists. A big part of this research process has been assisted by Ellie Rennie, a Professor at RMIT […]

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Exploring our research process

November 14, 2021

Here’s a brief progress report on various initiatives we’ve been engaged with the last few months: researching record label, publishers, managers and artists’ metadata creation and management processes blockchain systems analysis metadata schemas Our on-going structured interviews with our independent label, publishers and manager partners has been continuing at a steady pace and is unearthing […]

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Envoke begins collaboration with Kendraio

June 1, 2021

Envoke has just made a developer contribution to Kendraio, thanks to our recent grant from the Australia Council. Our first step in the collaboration is to begin working on a data ingestion tool, working with the sample metadata sets we’ve received from dozens of independent labels, publishers, managers and artists across the world. The design […]

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Envoke receives Australian grant

May 6, 2021

Envoke founders Merida Sussex and Peter Harris are excited to announce that Envoke was a recipient of the Reimagine Sector Recovery Grant from The Australia Council, the Australian Government’s principal arts investment, development and advisory body. While the amount certainly won’t cover all development for a project of this scope, this grant marks a turning […]

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