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on blockchain

Labels, DSPs, PROs, distributors, publishers... with so many different sets of data, who is the definitive authority on music rights?

Enter #web3.

Web 2.0 led to massive data silos and extreme power centralization. Web 3.0 aims to strike a balance between private and commons-oriented data ownership and governance, through new coordination technologies like blockchain and DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations).

Blockchain technology allows for the creation of a single repository of rights, creating a new digital commons for the independent music sector.

Organizing as a new form of DAO (decentralized accountable organization) because music use is rarely absolute and the people behind it are never autonomous.

Learn more in our intro to the technology and explore details about our catalog pilot:

Blockchain 101

by George Howard

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Envoke pilot project

by Merida Sussex & Peter Harris

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our goals

Envoke's simple and driving aim is to create a scalable solution that ensures music rights holders are paid accurately, transparently and on time.

our partners

We are an open global alliance of record labels, artists, technology developers, educators and academic researchers.

Confirmed labels

Mushroom Group (AU), Africori (SA), Anti-Fragile (USA), Stolen Recordings (UK), Secret City (Canada), K7 (Germany), Unified (AU), Mom and Pop (USA), Lowswimmer (Denmark), Delira (Brazil), Duchamp (France), Kanjian (China), TopShelf (USA), Not Like That (UK)


Research partners


about the people behind this project.

Merida Sussex CEO and Co-Founder

Merida co-founded an award-winning independent UK record label, Stolen Recordings and publishing company, Stolen Publishing, in London in 2005. Under her leadership the label was awarded Best Independent Label 2011 Association of Independent Music (UK) and achieved global growth and financial success. She guided the label to becoming a licensed brand in Europe, the US, Japan, and Australia, attracting investors and capitalizing on the fast-changing music landscape. Merida is highly regarded for her digital innovation and strategic advice in the music industry. She was a board member of the Association of Independent Music (UK) and is currently in her second term on the international Merlin Network Board. Merlin represents the most commercially significant set of rights outside of the three major labels globally. Merida began her music career as an artist and has maintained an artist perspective on the industry.

Peter Harris CSO and Co-Founder

Peter is a Berlin based founder and board member of Resonate, a streaming music co-operative with over 16,000 members. Resonate began in 2015, directly inspired by the advent of blockchain technology. As CEO of Resonate, Peter collaborated with numerous partners in the industry, including George Howard from Berklee/MIT Open Music Initiative, BigChainDB (now the Ocean Protocol), Imogen Heap of Mycelia, and Ujo from Consensys, among many others. In 2018, Peter negotiated a funding agreement with RChain, a proof of stake blockchain system based in Seattle, WA, USA. Peter regularly provides strategic advice for start-ups and continues to consult Resonate on a weekly basis.


This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.


We're currently taking sample metadata sets from independent labels worldwide, with a strong focus on exploring the technical challenges presented by multiple languages and characters.

If you run an independent label and would like to join the pilot, please use the contact form below.

Industry, education and technology partners are also welcome to reach out to join the initiative.