Envoke blockchain catalog for the independents

Labels, DSPs, PROs, distributors, publishers... with so many different sets of data, who is the definitive authority on music rights?

Enter blockchain.

Blockchain technology allows for the creation of a single repository of rights, creating a new digital commons for the independent sector. Learn more in our intro to the technology and explore details about our catalog pilot.

Blockchain 101

by George Howard

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Envoke pilot project

by Merida Sussex and Peter Harris

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What we hope to achieve

Our goal is fairly simple -- create an simple system for metadata distribution. Designed to save independent labels a great deal of time and energy by providing a single point from which to deliver rights information.

Who is involved

Confirmed labels

Africori, Anti-Fragile, Delira, K7!, Left Over Life To Kill Records, Lowswimmer, Mom and Pop, Not Like That, Secret City, Ropeadope, Stolen Recordings, TopShelf, Tremorverse Records, Unified

Tech partners

Research partners

How can I join?

We're currently taking sample metadata sets from independent labels worldwide. (We have a strong focus on exploring the technical challenges presented by multiple languages and characters.) If you run an independent label and would like to join the pilot, please use the contact form below.

Industry, education and technology partners are also welcome to reach out to join the initiative.

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